Prepared for success

Challenges, disruptions, and emergencies are increasing, and are more complex and impactful. Emergency, disaster, and business continuity management, integrated with effective day-to-day business operations, are key to your success and stability through crisis.

For new ventures or next adventures, today’s challenge or tomorrow’s crisis – we’ll give you a hand up to build your capacity to manage change, mitigate risk, enhance resilience, and weather the storm.

KTL. Now, you're ready.

Who We Are

Knudsen Taylor Limited was founded in Vancouver, Canada with one goal in mind – to help organizations build the capacity to be ready for anything. With a network that spans Canada and international markets, we focus on 360 planning and organizational resilience to make sure you’re ready for the day-to-day and prepared for the worst. 

Why We Are

It is more apparent now than ever that success in business takes more than just being the best at what you do – your organization also has to be great at adapting to the unexpected. We believe that being prepared for your best days and having the ability to navigate the worst is what leads to organizational success. No matter what comes next, you’re  ready.

What We Offer

KTL offers both turnkey and custom solutions, consultation, and guidance in our areas of expertise to help you meet your needs and goals. We specialize in safety training, exercise development and delivery, emergency management services, and business services for organizations of all sizes.


It all starts with a conversation. Whether you’re just starting out, managing a change, or building on what you’ve got, we can help.  

Connect with us today and find out how KTL can be your secret weapon for whatever comes next.