Canine associates

KTL is proud to include four-legged friends among our professional family and to support local animal rescue organizations where we work.

Portrait of Chino, a black and tan Rottweiler dog, sitting in front of fall foliage.

Chino is the founding father of the KTL empire, and internationally certified Heckin’ Good Boy. Adopted from BC SPCA, it’s unclear who ‘rescued’ who. Chino’s whole life revolved around two principles: 1) everything can be eaten, and 2) everything can be solved with sufficient kisses. Chino was a brilliant boy who did not understand (and would never have believed) he wasn’t a human. From sitting in chairs (like people), to having an uncanny ability to communicate with only his eyebrows, Chino was a friend to everyone he met, including the neighbours cat… who rode him like a horse. Chino taught us gentle kindness, that sleeping positions are flexible, and everyone is probably a friend. Chino retired in 2018, but as anyone who knows him can attest, he is undoubtedly running laps across the rainbow bridge as the unofficial “welcome wagon”, and he lives on in everyone who loved him, and still does.

Portrait of Eli, a black, white, and tan dog, with a big smile and tongue hanging out, sitting in front of trees and a covered bridge.

Eli joined KTL in 2018, with big winter-dog-booties to fill (and hate). After spending some time making friends with the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART) and his foster siblings Olive and Marty, Eli decided he was ready to conquer his fear of strong winds, slight noises, and if you ask him, certainly starving to death from not enough treats. Part boxer, Eli’s favourite activities are pretending to fly, malicious use of his tail, long walks on the anywhere, and barking at nothing. Eli reminds us to know enough to be scared, that family (cuddles) trump everything, and that there is ALWAYS room for treats.

Portrait of Quinn, a black and white dog, sitting on a sidewalk.

Quinn came to KTL in 2020, with the express purpose of choosing chaos. She started her life out under less than ideal circumstances, and as a small puppy, survived a dog attack. With the help of her friends, Eli’s alma mater, the Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART), and foster mom and dad Bernie and Keith, Quinn decided she would tolerate being waited on hand-and-foot for the rest of her life. A big proponent of cuddling, stealing/hogging blankets, and with little to no understanding of personal space, Quinn reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously. And that a well-placed cold nose probably gets a lady some extra kibble.

Portrait of Beans, a tan mixed-breed dog, jumping up with ears flapping.

Beans joined the pack as a Canine Associate and honorary Network Pawtner with years of experience in squirrel chasing, running with pals, and rolling in mud. As an alumnus of the ROAR Society in central Alberta, Beans combines his positive outlook on life with an endless supply of energy in order to become best friends with anyone he meets. As a staunch advocate for treats, he optimistically offers every known trick in order to be designated the #1 Good Boy and has mastered the art of ‘puppy dog eyes’. When Beans is not chasing sticks at the swimming hole or pestering his humans with toys, he can be found napping in the sun or stealing counter snacks.

Portrait of Iroh, a mixed-breed dog with tan fur and a black muzzle.

Iroh joined the KTL family after graduating from Saving Grace Animal Society and spending several years honing her craft as a leader in getting belly rubs. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in sweetness (and head size). A pup of principle, she holds an unshakable conviction that everyone she encounters exists to give her attention, including her feline sibling. Sometimes described as a “coiled spring”, Iroh is recognized among her peers for the speed of her zoomies and best-in-class bounciness, but she also knows how to kick back and relax with some gentle skritches and a fine chew stick. A true team player, Iroh reminds those around her not to drift too far apart and is happiest when everyone sticks together.

Portrait of Misto, an orange tabby cat, with a red background.

Misto met Bettina in 2016 while in care of the SPCA, after being found separated from their family and wandering the streets in the interior, and was named for Bettina’s favourite coffee, an Americano Misto.
With former dog-siblings, Misto reminds us that we can learn a lot from others and has honed their dog-like qualities of greeting people at the door, sleeping at the end of the bed, guarding the yard, and sitting on command for dinner and treats. By nature, Misto is an explorer, defender, and provider (mostly of mice, birds, snakes, lizards and once even a squirrel), and in mid-life, they value cuddling and snuggling, as well as zooming and basking in sunshine.
Misto always makes sure everyone is informed of what is happening outside when they come home from an outdoor adventure. With a lot to say and a love for conversation, Misto is glad to be part of Bettina’s family and the KTL pack.

Portrait of Kona, a grey Great Dane-type dog, holding a toy and looking to the side.

Kona was a surprise addition to the KTL family having been found by friends while on their vacation in 2023. While not a whole lot is known about her true origins, she is already well-versed in the intricacies of requesting and consuming vast amounts of sustenance. When she’s not napping most of the day, she is faithfully on guard duty ready to greet any would-be intruder with stuffed toys; perfectly reflecting her ‘mini-Great Dane’-like appearance. 

(Editor’s Note: Kona promises she’s not looking at Misto with anything but love and adoration!)

Silhouette of a boxer breed dog

Our professional pack is always growing – check back to see who’s next to join our four-legged squad!